Is it okay to burn a bridge if it’s to a really crappy island?


An agency is about to lose an account. The CCO and CEO call in the “digital creative team”. Ask them to take one last crack at it. By the end of the meeting, the two guys have the basis of an idea. They go to lunch, and by the time they get back to the office have idea flushed out with TV, social, online films, etc.

Comps and decks get built working with the one solid acct/new biz guy in the place. They fly to client’s office to join the CCO and CEO for the pitch. But, at the last minute, CCO and CEO can’t make it due to other client obligations (or, maybe, to cover their ass in case it’s lost and can blame the “digital” guys). Three guys pitch idea, sell idea, and even get client to up budget.

Around the time it’s done, “digital creative team”, exhausted from CCO and CEO’s behavior, quit and move on to separate jobs.

Campaign wins big prestigious award, but team who concepted, pitched and sold it aren’t listed in credits ‘cos they’re no longer with the agency.

That’s kinda shitty, isn’t it?